Crespi Shohin Cup

All collectors and professionals-experts who can present a shohin bonsai of high quality can take part to the Crespi Shohin Cup 2023. Everyone of them can exhibit just one tree and be present as an individual participant or as a member of a club or an association.

The Crespi Shohin Cup 2023 prize consist of:
a voucher for the amount of 1.300,00 € for purchases in the Crespi Bonsai shop; the Crespi Shohin Cup; a page on the Italian magazine “Bonsai & news” will be dedicated to the winner and to his/her exhibited shohin bonsai.

How to participate
– The participation in the Crespi Shohin Cup competition is only at invitation and it is not necessary to send a photo of your own trees for the selection.
– The invitation will be sent by the organizers to the professionals-experts and collectors of high level, by post or e-mail.
– The people invited have to entrust their bonsai to the exhibition place (Crespi Bonsai, Corso Sempione 35, 20015 Parabiago, Milan, Italy), from 9th to 14th September 2023, during the working hours (from 9.00 to 12.30 and from 2.30 to 7.00; Sunday: from 9.30 to 12.30; Monday: from 2.30 to 7.00).
– The bonsai will be displayed without any owner’s reference from 15th to 17th of September 2023.
– A jury consisting of international experts will select the most beautiful shohin bonsai, whose owner receives as a prize a voucher for the amount of 1.300,00 € for purchases in the Crespi Bonsai shop, as well as the prestigious Crespi Shohin Cup.
– Crespi Bonsai will make any effort to maintain the entrusted trees in healthy conditions.
The participation in the exhibition is free of charge.

To receive the invitation
Are you a collector or professional and do you wish to be invited?
Send an e-mail to


The winner of the Crespi Shohin Cup 2019, Alessandro Geraci with a Juniperus chinensis ‘Itoigawa’.