Crespi Cup 2023 | 15-17 September 2023

Live the emotion to participate to an unique event where your world is the protagonist

Come to Crespi Cup 2023!

The event dedicated to BONSAI and SUISEKI world among the most awaited and visited 

The 14th International Bonsai & Suiseki Meeting – Crespi Cup 2023 this year will take place in Parabiago (MI) – Italy, from 15 to 17 September, in the headquarter of Crespi Bonsai. Conceived in 1995 by Crespi Bonsai it has quickly become an event of great importance in Europe, thanks to the wealth of its contents, quality and organization.


To the Crespi Cup, hospitality is sacred, like in Japan, and dedicated to everyone, from the great names of bonsai and Japanese culture to collectors, amateurs up to ordinary curious people, but above all to those who love nature and beauty.

BCI Award of Recognition

On the occasion of the 14th International Bonsai & Suiseki Meeting, the Bonsai Club International’s manager Massimo Bandera, will give the BCI Award of Recognition to bonsai, shohin, suiseki and pot categories.

5 exhibition-contests

The meeting will host the usual 5 exhibition-contests to attend: Enthusiast’s Exhibition for all the amateurs who loves bonsai, Crespi Bonsai Cup, Crespi Shohin Cup, Crespi Suiseki Cup, Crespi Pot Cup dedicated to collectors and professionals.

Trophy Award

In this edition of the Crespi Cup 2023, the Trophy Awards will also be awarded in the Crespi Bonsai Cup competition, organized by the Bonsai Association Belgium, a prestigious prize that adds to the many up for graps.

The great guests

As usual, illustrious guests from the Bonsai world will be present also this year directly from Japan like Kunio KOBAYASHI and Minoru AKIYAMA. The whole list will soon be published on this page.

A top program

Meet the great world protagonists of bonsai, suiseki and pottery art present at this new edition of the Crespi Cup. These authors are joined by the great names of European bonsai, who will hold conferences, demonstrations and workshops.

The 2023 program will soon be published on this page.

Our guests

Discover the main guests who will participate to the 14th International Bonsai & Suiseki Meeting

Kunio Kobayashi

Bonsai Master
Kunio Kobayashi: one of the most influential bonsai artists in the world, now he’s also a keido master, winner of prestigious prize of the Prime Minister of Japan four times at Sakufu-ten.

Minoru Akiyama

Bonsai Artist
Minoru Akiyama, the refined disciple of Kunio Kobayashi. At only 29 he won the Sakufu-ten, making him
the youngest artist with the highest award in the bonsai world.

Nobuyuki Kajiwara

Bonsai Master
Teacher of bonsai technique at the University of Bonsai and curator of the Crespi Bonsai Museum; one most important figure of professional bonsai art.

Massimo Bandera

Bonsaist and writer
He has dedicated himself with passion and professionalism to the art of bonsai since 1978. He trained by studying in Italy and Japan through thirty years of contact with master Masahiko Kimura.

Igor Carino

Chief Designer, he creates pots for bonsai and ceramics for the table not only with traditional techniques, but also with innovative 3D ceramic printing.

Rafal Klimczewski

He moved to Japan in 2017 to study with master Kunio Kobayashi, becoming his assistant and following the work on the specimens of the “Shunkaen Bonsai Museum”.

Edoardo Rossi

Bonsaist, musician and writer
He holds courses, workshops and demonstrations of bonsai art in Italy and abroad; he is also the author of the Kazari book – The art of displaying bonsai and suiseki.

Gaetano Settembrini

Official instructor registered in the I.B.S. (Bonsai and Suiseki Instructors). He holds demonstrations and bonsai courses of various levels in all Italy.

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